Robert Harward turns down ‘shit sandwich’ job of White House national security adviser

Robert Harward turned down a White House job offer to take the role of national security adviser which, according to one friend of his, the retired vice admiral described as “a shit sandwich.” The position became available as of Monday night after the disgraced Lieutenant General Michael Flynn submitted his resignation on account of highly inappropriate, and possibly illegal, communications with the Russian ambassador.

CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted the Harward news Thursday night with what we can only imagine was an epic “fuck outta here” look on his handsome mug.

Republican sources leaked all over CNN, telling the “fake news” outlet that Harward was concerned he wouldn’t have been able to assemble his own team, and that there was “a question of clarity regarding the lines of authority,” adding, “I wouldn’t call it a disagreement as much as questions that could not be resolved to his comfort level.”

As Slate points out, it’s rare for a senior military officer to turn down a job offer from the commander-in-chief. Harward’s smooth move could give a nice out to anyone else who’s mulling similar shit sandwich offers that would not only put them in the eye of the White House hurricane but could require them to compromise their ethics and/or otherwise snack on fecal matter.

[photo: U.S. Marines]