DoD officer bans personnel from playing Nickelback, Smash Mouth in command post

On Valentine’s Day, an officer at the Department of Defense wasn’t feeling the love as he reportedly issued a memo to his subordinates demanding that they stop playing Nickelback and Smash Mouth in the command post. Former Marine Times managing editor Geoffrey Ingersoll shared on Twitter what he claims is a redacted memo that featured a short list of offending bands that were strictly verboten from being played in the workplace at any time, under any circumstances. The scare quotes around “rock groups” is a nice touch.

Interestingly, Korn tops a list populated by Creed and Smash Mouth, leading me to wonder why the tastes of so many members of the DoD personnel are deeply entrenched in ’90s butt rock. Perhaps the commanding officer is angry that his or her subordinates aren’t into golden age hip hop or math rock.

If this is a goof, people should consider moving on to a fresher comedic premise than the rotting horse corpse that is hating on the much maligned Chad Kroeger and company. Plus, the band is sensitive about its glaring mediocrity. The world was reminded of that when Arnold Schwarzenegger took a shot at it the other day.

[Photo: Getty]