Ivanka Trump’s jewelry company owes over $5,000 in unpaid taxes

We all know that President Trump has certain tax issues that have yet to be resolved. Now it seems his daughter Ivanka is in a similar kind of trouble, and furthermore, she might actually face some consequences.

Per the New York Daily News and documents obtained by the Daily Mail, the New York Department of State has issued a lien (click to enlarge below) for some $5,165.06 in unpaid taxes to Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, which is formally registered as Madison Avenue Diamonds LLC. While one might think all those $10,800 bangles would leave Ivanka with more than enough money to pay both state and federal taxes, she apparently does not agree. Maybe that’s why she felt the need to shill her wares on “60 Minutes.”


This is not the first time Ivanka has refused to pay up. In 2012 her company was sued by a supplier for some $3 million in unpaid fees which her attorneys claimed they were justified in withholding because the supplier had been one day late delivering a CAD file. Sound familiar?

While Ivanka often comes off like the more reasonable Trump, it’s clear she uses the same tactics as her father to get out of paying money she owes to people, whether they be individuals she does business with or the government. Unfortunately for her, though, the government has far-reaching tax collection powers. That she would break the law over a paltry $5,000 reveals the pettiness of the Trump mindset.

This news comes as a bad time for the Ivanka Trump brand, as a number of retailers have just dropped all Ivanka-branded merchandise from their stores including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Gilt. If Ivanka wants to save herself further embarrassment, she’ll have her people release a statement pretending this was all a big misunderstanding and pay the tax man immediately.

[photo: Getty]