Richard Spencer: ‘Depeche Mode is the official band of the alt-right’

White supremacist douche Richard Spencer had a busy Thursday morning. While being escorted out of CPAC by security despite having bought a ticket, the walking punching bag was able to field some quick questions from New York Mag journalist Olivia Nuzzi. Unfortunately, he managed to sully the name of a classic synth pop band on his way out.

According to Nuzzi’s Twitter account of Spencer’s forcible removal, someone asked Spencer if he liked rock music and his response was “Depeche Mode is the official band of the alt-right.”

Dude, back the fuck up.

While BuzzFeed did pinpoint that the neo-Nazi Pepes who make up the alt-right have a fondness for “fashwave,” or low-rent new wave and cold, detached synth jams, let’s not sully the good name of Martin Gore and the boys even though Spencer has already called Depeche Mode one of the “fashiest 80s electropop bands” in one of his many Reddit posting sprees. Ugh.

Spencer’s interpretation of the band’s aesthetic doesn’t exactly jive with its politics. After all, Depeche Mode has always been a left-leaning band, and that sentiment is expressed on the new record “Spirit,” especially in the lead-off single “Where’s the Revolution?” In a 2016 interview with an Italian news outlet, lead singer Dave Gahan was one of a long line of public figures to unfavorably compare Trump to Hitler in addition to trashing Brexit. We can’t imagine he’d be thrilled about his band being coopted by a neo-Nazi who thinks nothing of throwing up a “Sieg Heil!” in public.

Death and Taxes has reached out to Depeche Mode for comment.

UPDATE 12:35 EST: Depeche Mode has responded to Spencer’s claim.

“Really ridiculous!” the band’s label rep told Death and Taxes. “Depeche Mode has no ties to Richard Spencer or the alt-right and does not support the alt-right movement.”

For what it’s worth, Spencer clarified that he was joking, but I can’t imagine the band is thrilled to count Spencer as a “lifelong Depeche Mode fan.”

In any case, enjoy this remix of Spencer getting punched to “Just Can’t Get Enough.”

[photo: @RichardBSpencer]