Pork chop sandwiches! Fensler’s ‘G.I. Joe’ PSA parodies remastered in HD

In the early days of the internet, before YouTube and Vine, some of the first viral videos were uploaded to sites like eBaum’s World and College Humor. From there, bootlegs of videos like “The End of the World” and the Oscar-nominated short “Rejected” spread on P2P networking programs like Limewire, but by far the most coveted were Fensler Films’ “G.I. Joe” PSA parodies.

The shorts, chopped and screwed from the supremely lame public service announcements that ran at the end of “G.I. Joe” cartoons in the ’80s, were like little that had ever been seen before. The kids and young adults who passed them around, having grown up on shows like “Animaniacs” and “You Can’t Say That on Television,” were familiar with absurdity, but I’m not sure I had witnessed non-sequitur humor quite as strange as that showcased in Fensler’s shorts, which were full of weird overdubs and odd edit cuts. Some produced such a sense of unease they were borderline horror.

I first saw them the summer after my junior year of college, in 2003, at a friend’s apartment. We’d each just taken a hit off his gravity bong — dubbed “bukaytfuh” — and then he queued up all 25 clips to play one after the other. About three minutes in, my face was wet with tears and I was laughing so hard I nearly passed out because I couldn’t catch my breath.

Fifteen years later, YouTuber L33T GUY has compiled an HD-quality mix of all the shorts, including favorites like “Pork Chop Sandwiches“, “Reggae“, and “Help Computer” as well as lesser-referenced ones, like “Pink Purse.

So bust out your gravity bong and settle back for a fucked up, hysterical trip down memory lane. And if this is your first time, you might want to have an oxygen tank handy.

[h/t @brandonnn]