Marco Rubio misses town hall, cornered twice by constituents

First things first: Florida Republican Senator and former presidential hopeful Marco Rubio was, as his aides had instructed the media, in Europe this week during Congressional recess. But then he came back. And he was quickly peppered with questions about his absence from town halls (and ubiquity on mock milk cartons citywide) by a Miami resident who’d watched a few too many episodes of “TMZ.” As anyone who’s followed Rubio’s career knows, weird shit happens when that guy’s in airports (and, apparently, he also gives himself three fewer seconds than most to salvage fumbled foodstuffs).

What Rubio didn’t anticipate was that very same rogue cameraman, along with other protesters and amateur videographers, sabotaging the Florida International University public affairs course he occasionally drops in on as a visiting scholar. To little Marco’s credit, he was big enough to stick around for 10 minutes and get into policy debate with constituents worried about a world without Obamacare. And, in our personal highlight ( 9:20 into the extended footage), put teenage photo takers on the spot about Pink Floyd.

But before Rubio could head back home and rest easy, knowing the country’s derisive gaze was aimed more concertedly upon Steve Bannon, Reince Preibus and whatever those two love birds were up to at CPAC, Miami voters and officials held a town hall at a local unitarian church that doubled as a senatorial roast. Rubio can be heard on the above video offering his rationale for avoiding what he feels are chaotic and counterproductive shouting matches masquerading as democracy in action. His spokesperson’s official line to Orlando Weekly was that yesterday’s town-hall was not scheduled in cooperation with the senator and that some of its organizers “failed to show up for meetings they scheduled with our staff” and “continue to fundraise off of it even though we informed them days ago Senator Rubio will not be there.” All of which makes Tom Cotton wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?”
[Miami Herald | Orlando Weekly | photo: Facebook/Miami Herald]