Matt Gaetz may have sealed fate by calling for Trump tax returns

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz stormed through the northwestern reaches of his state on Thursday looking to do two things: wither in front of angry constituent mobs and eat barbecue. Unfortunately, by that evening’s appearance at the Oops bowling alley and restaurant in Pace, he became the fresh meat.

Despite the 34-year-old, once-arrested congressman’s carefully publicized efforts to mitigate protestor outrage with passive-aggressive signage, the din of dissatisfied voters quickly proved overwhelming. Perhaps that explains Gaetz’s instant-classic gaffe.

Pressed by one attendee about whether he’d insist Donald Trump released his tax returns, Gaetz — a notorious Trump brown-noser — inexplicably declared that, “absolutely, Donald Trump should release his tax returns.” At which point, their freshman rep’s expression sunk with the familiar resignation of a high school sophomore who just stood up to an upperclassman bully in a fit of momentary insanity.

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