Purehearted woman-child wants $10,000 for spiritual journey around the world

The internet has fallen in hate with a purehearted young woman who’s asked the public to crowdfund her journey of personal discovery.

According to a Go Fund Me page titled “Spiritual Journey and Travel Fund,” one Rebecca “Bec” G. — that’s right, she’s literally a Becky — needs $10,000 so she can travel the world spreading peace, love and (probably) the stench of patchouli. A self-described “spiritual teacher, life coach, reiki and crystal healer, artist, YouTuber, traveler and writer,” she’s soliciting donations so that she might share these gifts with anyone needs them. “I believe we should all have the opportunity to have the things we need at our finger tips, whether or not we have the money for them,” she writes. And what people need right now are more shiny-haired 19-year-olds on YouTube exhorting them to open their chakras.

While more basic soul journeyers might use a $10,000 windfall to help those less fortunate than themselves secure food or shelter, young Bec prefers to give back in less tangible ways, like posting pictures and videos on the internet “for free!” — how nice of her not to expect financial renumeration for posting selfies on social media — and waving her hands over people to cure their diseases. Also: “Get[ting] to know all people from all walks of life and really understand them,” filming said people on her YouTube channel “so they can have a voice and more people can understand all different kinds of soul perspectives,” and “show[ing] people, around the world, that we aren’t really all that different and that we are one people, not separate. But also show the amazing color and uniqueness as well!”

So, basically: Humans of New York, if it were somehow even smarmier and mined the developing world for content.

To Bec’s surprise, not everyone liked her project, and some even donated $5 to tell her so. “You might try getting a job,” writes one such donor. “Here’s $5 so you can print your resume at Kinkos. Good luck! :)” Writes another: “I’ve worked at a job I barely tolerate for 20 years and have never been able to travel around the world. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? This comment cost me 5 dollars, please donate to reimburse me for it.” (Here she placed the link to her own crowdfunding page.)

The hater’s crowdfunding page has collected $32 of its $7 goal thus far. Becky’s spiritual soul journey has amassed (ugh) $653.

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