Denzel Washington’s reaction to Casey Affleck’s Oscar win says it all

Casey Affleck won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance in “Manchester by the Sea” like we all knew he would. It doesn’t mean we have to like it. After all, Affleck is an alleged serial sexual harasser.

When Affleck’s name was announced, fellow Best Actor nominee Denzel Washington spoke for all of us with this pained reaction shot. Sure, we can explain it away as what “ABC’s Wide World of Sports” used to call “the agony of defeat.” But part of me wants to believe that Washington had the wind knocked out of him over losing to a guy who was the subject of a lawsuit where a coworker from the documentary “I’m Still Here” accused him of making the unwanted advance of crawling naked into her bed while she slept.

But hey, I guess he did a good job of being sad in that movie or whatever.

Sure, Washington has already won two Academy Awards, but we imagine losing still hurts.

[Photo: Getty]