Smash Mouth calls on Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III to resign

Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has recused himself from any investigations into Russian election meddling after news broke that he lied at his confirmation hearing about having met with Russian officials. Sessions claimed he had no contact with the Russians, but it turns out the then-senator met twice with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak in 2016 while he was a member of Donald Trump’s campaign. Despite Trump’s reassurance that Sessions “did not say anything wrong,” Smash Mouth, the band behind the 1999 hit “All Star” and some of the more memorable celebrity death memorials, called for the attorney general’s resignation on Twitter.

smash mouth

Sadly, that tweet has been deleted. Yes, they could have been talking about anyone, I suppose, but come on. We all know that’s about Sessions. If not, the tweet they replaced it with makes very little sense.

Nobody in Smash Mouth is named Jeff, so it seems pretty clear they’re talking about Sessions. The AG is notoriously anti-pot, so trolling him with the song “Stoned” is a pretty solid move, but it really lacks the punch and directness of the original.

Regardless, Smash Mouth has spoken! Time to resign, Jeff.

[Photo: Getty]