Remy Ma drops second Nicki Minaj diss track, ‘Another One’

Last week, rapper Remy Ma dropped a 7-minute diss track aimed at Nicki Minaj called “Shether,” reportedly in response to a couple veiled barbs Minaj laced into her latest collaboration with Gucci Mane, “Make Love.” On Thursday, having received no response from Minaj other than a deleted Instagram post , Ma released another diss track, appropriately titled “Another One.”

Conflict between competitive artists is as old and well-documented as the legacy of battle rap itself, but the contrast in technique between Ma and Minaj dredges up the question of whether or not Minaj will even bother to respond in kind.

Minaj built her reputation on raucously funny lyrics punctuated by riffs only she could make: preposterously drawn-out wheezing cackles, tongue rolls, and mock British accents. Her albums usually revolve around her aloof diva persona, so even her “diss” lyrics aren’t trying too hard.

Ma, on the other hand, goes for petty with a capital P: “You stole that line about bitches being your sons/How you take my ’09 jail tweet and run/Talkin’ ‘bout bringing knives to a fight with guns/When the only shot you ever took was in your buns,” she rapped on “Shether,” clearly seeking to provoke.

The ball is in Minaj’s court, and whether or not she’ll respond to Ma’s tracks with one of her own is anyone’s guess: she’s partying with the fashion world in Paris at the moment.

[photo: Getty]