Trump calls for investigation into the time Sen. Schumer ate a donut with Putin

So much for that presidential pivot. Following his grand tonal reset at this week’s address to the joint session of Congress, President Trump has returned to his established pattern of posting histrionic tweets inspired by right wing media. On Friday, Trump tweeted a photo of Senator Chuck Schumer eating a donut with Vladimir Putin at a gas station and calling for an investigation into his supposed ties to Russia.

“We should start an immediate investigation into @SenSchumer and his ties to Russia and Putin,” wrote Trump. “A total hypocrite!”

As Politico pointed out, the tweet came from an iPhone, which means it came from a staffer and was not authored by Trump himself as he favors his janky, unsecured Android when it comes to posting social media rants. The voice, however, sounds like him, so it very well could have been dictated to an underling.

Trump is clearly responding to the revelation that his cabinet members, and in Michael Flynn’s case, former cabinet members, can’t get enough of meeting with Russian envoy Sergey Kislyak. He must be a really fun guy, despite the fact that no one can seem to remember meeting him.

The photo, which was taken at the opening of a Russian gas station in New York in 2003, made the rounds through right-wing media like Gateway Pundit and Drudge Report on Thursday night, which explains how it ended up on the president’s radar. Kind of like how the president seems to tweet outraged takes influenced by stories that had just aired on “Morning Joe” or “Fox News.”

For his part, Schumer let the president know that he’d be happy to discuss his meeting with Putin. If only Trump would do the same.

Yes, but were they glazed????

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