Woman who fell off donkey statue drops lawsuit against Mexican restaurant

At the beginning of February, we met Kimberly Bonn, the 58-year-old Tallahassee, Florida woman who sued Mexican restaurant El Jalisco after she hurt herself falling off its donkey statue. Now this tale of human folly has reached an anticlimactic end, as Bonn has dismissed her lawsuit.

According to WTXL, Bonn filed a voluntary dismissal on Tuesday. This represents a sharp reversal from her previous stance of, “I fell off your donkey, give me money.”

Bonn’s troubles began when she tried to climb up on El Jalisco’s iconic donkey statue while dining there and fell off, fracturing her spine. While the risks were readily apparent to her when she began her climb, she nonetheless sued the restaurant for negligence, as the statue had no safety features. Fans of the restaurant created a Facebook page in support of the donkey.

The restaurant’s lawyer disputed the lawsuit’s premise, saying that it was her own damn fault and insinuating that she might have been drinking at the time of the incident. She dismissed the case a little over a week later.

Was Bonn afraid of what might come out about her in trial? Did she realize it was more trouble than it was worth? Or maybe she just realized she looked like an ass? No matter the reason, the donkey is pleased, writing on its Facebook page:

“Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!! Little Donkey tears are streaming down my face.”

[Photo: For the Donkey]

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