Top Gun 2: Hollywood’s Got the Need For More ’80s Movies

The American public is increasingly starting to realize that 1980s culture wasn’t as forgettable as initially thought.

Top Gun 2: Hollywood's Got the Need For More '80s Movies

The cheesy music, tacky clothes, and guilty pleasure movies are making a comeback, and the film industry is looking to profit. In other words, get ready for Top Gun 2.

This fall Gordon Gekko finally finished his 23-year jail sentence to remind us that greed is still good. Now Maverick might be returning to remind us that we still have the need for speed.

Someone wake up Kenny Loggins, it’s time to write “Highway to the More Dangerous Zone.”

With the predictable success of the “Wall Street” sequel it was only a matter of time before another classic ’80s film decided to shed its dignity and cash in. This week it’s “Top Gun,” which apparently has had a sequel script floating around for years. Paramount Pictures has sent out offers to both original producer and director Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott. In fact Christopher McQuarrie, the Oscar winning writer of “The Usual Suspects,” has been tapped to update the script, which gives the film certain validity.

“Top Gun” had a lot of influences on our society. Aviator sunglasses and bomber jackets became a men’s fashion necessity. Beach volleyball’s popularity reached its pop culture peak. Everyone loved that movie, and no matter your age or sex, a part of you wanted to be a pilot, dog fighting Russian MiGs. Because lets face it Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards made it look really fucking cool.

Why sully the perfect ’80s action movie with a sequel that is undoubtedly going to be worse? (This isn’t going to be “Empire Strikes Back” or “Godfather II,” it’s “Top Gun” we’re talking about.) There is a zero percent chance it will be better or on par with the original. Hollywood studios, on the other hand, could care less because profit is profit. They could care less about ruining a film’s integrity as long as they can generate big box office numbers, and studio executives can keep their fleet of Ferraris’ gas tanks full.

Where is the creativity in the movie industry? Everywhere you look there are adaptations, remakes, sequels, series reboots, yet simple refreshing originality is becoming increasingly hard to find.

Granted some book adaptations can be excellent, such as the critically adored “The Social Network.” But does the world need another Nicholas Sparks sobfest about star-crossed soul mates from the Carolinas? Do we need another terrible “Great Gatsby” remake? Is there such thing as an original horror movie anymore? Why are the “Superman” and “Spiderman” franchises being rebooted? Does the world really want another “Pirates of the Caribbean?” Isn’t the “Mission Impossible” series a little played out? Does anyone in their right mind want to see Nick Cage in fucking “Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance?!”

Those are all serious projects, green-lighted movies that are either in production, or currently filming. What’s next, “Weekend at Bernie’s: Bernie Goes to Space”?

Will the film be entertaining? Probably. Is Ray-Ban excited for a sales boost in Aviators? Most definitely. But is it worth sullying the reputation of one of the most entertaining films of the 80s? Absolutely not. Please, stop this madness. Don’t piss on Goose’s grave.