Watch Alex Jones repeatedly freak out, then apologize

If there’s one thing Infowars’ Alex Jones is known for, it’s his intense conniption fits. Whether he’s screaming like a man possessed, crying like a giant red baby, or popping every vein in his neck, his full-throated theatrics can make even those least sympathetic to his politics genuinely concerned for his mental health.

Central to this trick are his frequent apologies, which are meant to convince people he’s normally quite sane and polite, but the global illuminati of reptilians are just so despicable he can’t help himself. Do you believe him?

Whether or not this is convincing, it certainly makes for good TV, which is why some genius at Vice edited a video montage of it. Contemplate this man’s increasingly mainstream status in Trump’s America as you watch him freak out and apologize for it over and over and over.

[screen shot: Infowars]