Little Marco loses another office because people can’t stand his ass

Protesters have made it harder for Marco Rubio to rent an office than it is to actually catch Marco Rubio at a town hall. The Florida senator’s Jacksonville landlord decided not to renew his lease, forcing him to find a new space by April 30. This is Rubio’s second office set to shutter indefinitely in 2017; the first was located in Tampa at Bridgeport Center, where protesters were so pervasive that barricades and security guards were employed to keep them off the property.

Rubio spokesperson Christina Mandreucci is pissed at the latest development, which lowers the senator’s office count to just six locations in Florida and one in Washington DC. “Our Tampa and Jacksonville offices are not political or campaign offices. They are small, two-person offices that help Floridians in the region with issues such as Medicare, Social Security and veterans benefits,” Mandreucci told the Tampa Bay Times, promising that those handful of workers will continue to serve Floridians as the Rubio team looks for new digs.

Mandreucci explicitly called out anti-Trump and anti-Rubio protesters. The Jacksonville landlord has yet to comment on their decision but Rubio’s former Tampa landlord did claim that he wasn’t politically motivated but rather wanted to keep the peace for the other tenants who didn’t garner angry mobs on the daily.

If Rubio had any incentive to drop in at his remaining offices, this latest development likely eliminated it altogether. The senator has all but given up on town halls and is so afraid of haters that he’d rather read emails and letters than sit there and take the shit he’s been dishing out since first being elected in 2011.

[Tampa Bay Times | Photo: AP]