Trump has spent nearly every night shut in at the White House or Mar-a-Lago

For those wondering whether Donald Trump rests his head on any pillow not embroidered with a White House crest or Mar-a-Lago logo, Politico has done its due diligence and reported Thursday that the cloistered commander-in-chief spent each of his first 48 nights in office at either his new Washington home or standby Palm Beach resort. In fact, he’s only sought dinner accommodations outside either friendly confine once over those virtually seven weeks, and that was to scarf down steak at his own namesake D.C. hotel. (And, not shockingly, meatloaf is his dish du jour at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.)

This reclusive tendency could simply be a consequence of, as he has boasted, occupying every waking minute making America great again. But sources swear to Politico that the pattern is consistent with his pre-inauguration habits. With one exception, he supposedly sequestered himself at his Trump Tower apartment more or less nightly between being elected and taking office. And as Trump pal and Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy reminds, “He’s not a guy who likes to be away from his own bed… If he can get in a round of golf in Scotland, he’ll do that. But you’re not going to see him just spend three days shopping and visiting friends.”

Far as the bit about him having “surprised a group of schoolchildren” on a White House tour “by hopping out from behind a screen to greet them,” but otherwise spending “much of his time with people he already knows,” could this guy get any more “Young Pope”? We’d ask Melania, but can reasonably assume she and Donald didn’t get around to watching together on his zero visits to New York.

[Politico | photo: Getty]