Spicer affirms White House beliefs in ‘deep state’ conspiracy theory

During Friday’s White House press briefing, press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters that the Trump administration buys into the “deep state” conspiracy theory that intelligence community holdovers from the Obama administration are determined to sabotage the sitting president. When Yahoo News reporter Hunter Walker asked if “there’s such a thing as the deep state actively working to undermine the president,” Spicer was quick to answer in the affirmative.

“I think that there’s no question when you have eight years of one party in office that there are people who stay in government — affiliated with, joined — and continue to espouse the agenda of the previous administration. So I don’t think it should come to any surprise that there are people that burrowed into government during the eight years of the last administration and may have believed in that agenda and want to continue to seek it…“I don’t think that should come to a surprise to anyone.”

Sources speaking to The Washington Post have said that chief strategist Steve Bannon is largely responsible for filling Trump’s head with “deep state” Infowars fodder. The resulting paranoia likely fueled Trump’s unhinged tweets accusing President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower once a print out of a baseless Breibart post crossed his desk.

The problem with the “deep state” theory is that it disregards Trump’s ability to tank his administration without any help.

[screen shot: MSNBC]