Jake Tapper’s son says ‘fake news’ whenever Tapper annoys him

President Donald Trump and the sycophants that he surrounds himself with love to complain about “fake news” whenever they hear or read something that displeases them. The term, which was originally coined to refer to blatantly false reports about things like John Podesta’s evil child trafficking sex dungeon in a DC pizza place and the Pope endorsing Donald Trump, was quickly co-opted by the new administration and is now flung at anyone who reports unfavorably on the president. The term was perhaps most famously invoked at then-President-elect Trump’s press conference on January 11 when he called BuzzFeed a “failing pile of garbage” and told CNN’s Jim Acosta “you are fake news.”

It turns out, CNN employees can’t even escape the fake news label in the comfort of their own homes now. During a Q&A at SXSW on Friday, Jake Tapper revealed to MTV’s Ana Marie Cox that his 7-year-old son likes to say “fake news” whenever he thinks his father is being annoying.

“He now does an impression where whenever I’m bothering him he says, ‘fake news,'” Tapper said.

It’s a brilliant strategy, really. Eat your vegetables because they’re good for you? Fake news. Too much TV rots your brain? Fake news. Do your homework? Psht, kid’s teacher is probably a failing pile of garbage. Definitely fake news.

Tapper’s iconic “fuck outta here” face also came up during the talk. Cox asked Tapper how he would have handled Sean Spicer’s press conference about Friday’s jobs report on his show if he weren’t busy hanging out with all the cool kids in Austin. After Tapper explained how the segment for “The Lead” would have gone, Cox asked “Would you have kept the resting bitch face?”

“Whatever this is, I would have kept it,” Tapper said as he pointed to his own face.

Thank god.

[Hollywood Reporter | Photo: Getty]