Scarlett Johansson plays Ivanka Trump on ‘SNL’ in ad for new perfume ‘Complicit’

Scarlett Johansson hosted Saturday Night Live, and one of her most memorable skits was a fake perfume commercial where the actress played an opulent and apathetic Ivanka Trump.

In the mock ad, Johansson reprised her impression of President Trump’s favorite daughter, a role she first took on in 2007, long before any of us could have imagined what a hellscape the next decade would hold.

In the new skit, a narrator reads a description of Ivanka in the stereotypical deep female voice often used in fragrance ads, poking fun at the image of Ivanka that she tirelessly tries to trick Americans into believeing: that she’s a feminist working mom who just really loves her dad. The “commercial” pointedly showcases the hypocrisy.

“She’s loyal, devoted, but probably should have bounced after that whole Access Hollywood bus thing,” the voiceover says as Johansson looks dead-eyed into the camera while wearing a ballgown and diamond earrings. “Oh well.”

“Complicit: the fragrance for the woman who could stop all this. But won’t.”

And lest viewers forget that Ivanka’s counterpart is just as, well, complicit as she is, the skit tacks on one last punchline: “Also available in a cologne for Jared.”

[screen shot: SNL]

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