Trump unfollows ‘Morning Joe’ hosts Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski on Twitter

At some point in the last 24 hours, President Trump unfollowed Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Twitter. While the pair were some of Trump’s earliest supporters when he first declared he was running for president, some recent negative coverage has apparently gotten underneath POTUS’s notoriously thin skin.

Scarborough and Brzezinski have been highly critical of Trump’s baseless claim that President Obama ordered a wiretapping on Trump Tower in the closing months of the 2016 campaign. The MSNBC hosts took issue with the way former national security adviser Michael Flynn was fired, noting that it appeared Trump only got rid of Flynn because he supposedly lied to Mike Pence.

Presumably in reaction to the pair’s criticisms, Trump hit the “unfollow” button. Since last weekend’s wiretapping allegations leveled against Obama, Trump has been relatively mute on Twitter. He’s also avoided the press, but Trump’s itchy Twitter thumbs are telling. The president wants to tweet. He wants to push back against the press for calling him out on his baseless claims. He can’t help himself, and yet, somehow, somebody in the White House is holding him back from tweeting, even during shabbos.

According to our internal Trump Twitter follow tracker, @JoeNBC and @MorningMika were Trump’s sixth and seventh Twitter follows, respectively, burrowed right in between @reillyfactor and @erictrump. As of Sunday, March 12, those accounts are not to be found on the president’s follow page (below, click to expand):



Scarborough said last week:

“Donald Trump and all of his public comments has basically acted as if Michael Flynn was persecuted — a good man driven from office by the hounds in the mass media — and Mike Pence trying to put a nice gloss and saying that vindicates the president’s decision to fire him. This guy was not only acting as a foreign agent, literally as a foreign agent, not metaphorically while he was traveling with Donald Trump and close to Donald Trump as anybody. He was the person who became the national security adviser, and somehow the president and others right now, at least the official explanation, they had no idea that he was acting as a foreign agent when he was appointed to be national security adviser. That is one of the most extraordinarily — if it’s true, they did not know — one of the most extraordinary failures of vetting I’ve ever heard of.”

Last week, Brzezinski called Trump’s tenure thus far “fake and failed.”

Quite a drastic change from a year ago, when Trump himself counted the “Morning Joe” co-hosts among his supporters. Considering all this, it’s not surprising Trump would unfollow both of them. We’re talking about a guy who currently only follows 41 accounts, all of which are either family members, administration members, “friends,” media members who never challenge him, or brands he owns.

This, of course, is not the first Twitter unfollow drama in which the president has preoccupied himself. Back in December, the then-president-elect unfollowed Roma Downey multiple times for reasons unknown. Downey, the star of CBS’s series “Touched by an Angel,” is married to Mark Burnett, executive producer of “The Apprentice” and gatekeeper of the alleged Trump N-word tape.

Death and Taxes reached out to Scarborough and Brzezinski for comment.

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