Here’s a supercut of Alex Jones doing a bunch of ‘impressions’

Infowars founder Alex Jones is known for many things: conspiracy theories, being shirtless far more often than he should be, a painful, gravelly voice. If asked to describe the Texas native, one would probably go through an extensive list of professions and adjectives before arriving at master celebrity impersonator. Nevertheless, he does like to break out an impression from time to time, and the fine folks over at Vice News put together a supercut of some of his more entertaining attempts.

Right off the bat, you can tell these impressions are good because Jones always says the name of the person he’s roasting. That’s Impersonations 101 right there. Always start or end with “I’m [insert name].” That way you can avoid having to do things like actually mimicking the person’s voice or mannerisms. Which brings us to Jones’ arms: For some reason, Jones thinks every single one of these people flail their arms around like a drunk T-Rex trying to stand up after falling down a flight of stairs. All of that can be forgiven, of course, if the voices are accurate. But they aren’t. Not a single one is even close.

Bill Gates is kind of an understated guy who tends to put me to sleep when he talks. Jones describes him as a “demonic elf,” which is weird because that’s way more interesting than Gates could ever hope to be; plus, the guy isn’t even particularly short. Jones’ Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t have an Austrian accent but is instead just Officer Barbrady from “South Park.”

There’s something just a little bit off about the Hillary Clinton impression, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. The mask only covering half his face was an interesting touch for Obama. He gave the former president a slightly rougher voice than I would have, however. Granted, Jones specifies, “This is Barack Obama without my teleprompter,” but I’m pretty sure a teleprompter has words on them. They don’t actively change the timbre of your voice. Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, has inexplicably become what I’m guessing is a Hispanic woman.

Sheryl Sandberg is given a much deeper voice than she has in real life. Surprisingly, the Optimus Prime impression has the opposite problem. This is one of the few characters he does that’s supposed to have an extremely deep voice and for some reason Jones goes an octave too high. Credit where it’s due though: Jones’ Gary Johnson and Jabba the Hutt are both spot on.