The trailer for ‘Veep’ season six will almost make you forget how terrible reality is

HBO has released the first trailer for the season six of “Veep,” that delightfully vulgar, eerily prescient series about the fuckery that is politics, and it looks great.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is back as Selina Meyer, the eponymous former vice and POTUS who’s been forced back into a life of whatever constitutes normal life for a politician. She’s doing all sorts of awful “public service” and showing up on talk shows and avoiding literal land mines that it’s almost forgivable that she won’t be back in the Oval to screw everything up. Plus, Congressman Jonah Ryan has a crew cut that’s so awkward and creepy it becomes nearly erotic.

Showrunner David Mandel, Louis-Dreyfus, and a slew of the other “Veep” cast members were at South by Southwest to talk about the next season, which premieres April 16. Although the current administration is ripe for satire — in fact, didn’t Selina herself create an international incident with an errant tweet? — Mandel says they won’t be using Trumpy as a jump-off point. “There are the occasional jokes, but we’re not ‘SNL,’” he said, “and if we try and make a joke about Trump on ‘Veep’ it will be old by the time it airs… For us, tragedy plus [time] equals comedy.” Same, but only if we live that long!

P.S. You should still watch former show runner Armando Ianucci’s old series, “The Armando Iannucci Shows” and “The Thick of It,” as well as his movie “In the Loop.” Like you’ve got something better to do?

[screen shot: HBO]