Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan is glad Richard Spencer got punched

Last month, while getting tossed from CPAC, white supremacist douchebag Richard Spencer joked that Depeche Mode, a band of which he is a lifelong fan, “is the official band of the alt-right.”  Naturally, the band, which wrote the equality espousing dance hit “People are People,” immediately denounced the Nazi scum. “Really ridiculous!” the band’s rep told us in an email. “Depeche Mode has no ties to Richard Spencer or the alt-right and does not support the alt-right movement.”

That much is obvious to anyone even remotely familiar with the band’s output.

In a conversation with Billboard’s Andrew Unterberger, singer Dave Gahan took the opportunity to let Spencer know that the frontman from his favorite band absolutely hates him. “I mean, this guy gets way too much publicity already,” said Gahan. “What’s dangerous about someone like Richard Spencer is, first of all, he’s a cunt — and he’s a very educated cunt, and that’s the scariest kind of all.”

Speaking of educated cunts, Gahan managed to get a shot in on disgraced ex-Breitbart troll Milo Yiannopoulos:

I saw [Milo] on Bill Maher and I was just like, “Wow, he really is a nut job.” Those people to me aren’t so dangerous, but this guy’s [Spencer] got some weight behind him. I don’t like that, and certainly he had absolutely no right to… [Pauses.] well, he has every right. He lives in a free country, and he can say what he likes. But at the same time, it was a bit disturbing. I haven’t had as many phone calls or texts from people over something like that — friends here and in the city, and other artists who were kind of shocked and like, “What’s this?”

Fortunately, Gahan is at the beginning of the promotion cycle for the band’s new album “Spirit,” so he’ll have plenty of opportunities to rail against a fascist trying to co-opt Depeche Mode’s legacy. “I saw the video of him getting punched,” Gahan told NY Post last week, “he deserved it.”

Hopefully one of the people calling or texting Gahan sent him the remix video of Spencer getting punched to “Just Can’t Get Enough.”

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