Donald Trump is thirsty for Ted Cruz’s approval of Trumpcare

It goes without saying that Trumpcare is a really shitty idea, derided by Democrats, moderate Republicans, and Tea Partiers alike. If passed, the Affordable Care Act alternative will leave up to 24 million people uninsured, bring about more unwanted children, and even piss off the olds.

Trump’s only plan if he doesn’t get his way is to let Obamacare fail then blame the Democrats, which may be really on brand but isn’t exactly what he wants. So he’s desperately trying to court skeptical Republicans to get them on board with a plan whose only redeeming quality is that it’s short. And right now, the president only has eyes for Ted Cruz.

Cruz was wined and dined at the White House last week, sharing an awkward meal with a desperate Donald Trump, who couldn’t even force him to order the meatloaf. Most recently, Trump had a lengthy phone conversation with the Texas senator on Tuesday. Dude is sprung.

Following a damning CBO report, Cruz issued an intense critique of the bill earlier in the day, calling it more of a starting point than fully formed legislation. He’s not down to back Trumpcare until it does more fully repeal Obamacare. For all we know, Trump’s gift for verbal diarrhea may have swayed him. He still has to get at least seven of the eight Republican senators who’ve come out against the bill in his corner in order for it to pass.

[CNN | Photo: Getty]