Kellyanne Conway has a weird ass glamour shot displayed in her home

The Bergen Record columnist Mike Kelly interviewed Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway in her Alpine, New Jersey, home Sunday, resulting in Conway’s notorious assertion that former President Obama had the capability to spy on citizens via microwaves.

The microwave comment overshadowed the fact that Conway has a glamour shot on display in her home, as pointed out by The Black List founder Franklin Leonard. As you can see in the framed photo, one day Conway went down to her local mall and cloaked herself in a velvet cape, like a sexy Darth Sidious.

Look at our girl serving up that Kim Basinger in “L.A. Confidential” realness. The satin backdrop, the ’40s Hollywood mystique.

If Conway hadn’t chosen the dark side, she could have been a film noir icon. Instead, she gets to constantly defend an orange 70-year-old’s paranoid delusions and baseless accusations, often on live TV. That sounds almost as fun.

[Photo: Getty]