Ivanka Trump to shut down high-end jewelry brand and focus on the fake shit

Ivanka Trump is discontinuing her line of high-end jewelry, her brand’s president told the New York Times Monday, citing “a commitment to offering solution-oriented products at accessible price points.” In other words, they’re going to focus on the cheap, fake shit.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the people in this country can’t afford $19,500 diamond necklaces, and they deserve to have jewelry too. This is a good business decision on Ivanka’s part — she’ll be opening the brand up to hundreds of thousands of new customers, especially considering luxury retailers left and right were dumping her due to poor sales and boycotts. Her jewelry line also hasn’t benefitted from the best P.R.: Last month it was reported the New York State Department had issued a lien against the brand over unpaid taxes.

Things were looking so rough for the jewelry brand there were few places where it was even available for purchase. Her boutique location in SoHo closed in 2015 due to poor sales, and she had been forced to operate out of a kiosk in the lobby of one of Daddy’s towers in Midtown Manhattan. Her online clothing sales, conversely, skyrocketed after Kellyanne Conway promoted Ivanka’s fashion line on “Fox and Friends” from the White House Press Room, prompting a rebuke from the House Oversight Committee and Ivanka herself.

The Conway incident perhaps was a little too close to an earlier gaffe when the company promoted an appearance Ivanka had made on “60 Minutes” as a member of her newly-elected father’s transition team, showcasing a $10,800 bangle.

Ivanka’s company president chalked that no-no up to a “well-intentioned marketing employee,” which I guess is what they’re calling the VP of sales. Who knows. Maybe the #PussyGrabsBack boycott is proving so effective her employees of the jewelry line were having to pull double duty.

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