Trump unfollows National Weather Service on Twitter

At some point after his Wednesday night tantrum in Nashville over the blocking of Muslim ban 2.0, President Trump unfollowed the National Weather Service on Twitter. @NWS was Trump’s 42nd follow for roughly 24 to 36 hours, as he had initially included the bureau in his feed, according to our highly sophisticated Trump Twitter follow tracker, at some point between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. It was a brief follow. @NWS knew what this was.

Historians may one day wonder, just what made POTUS hit it and quit it in such a hasty fashion? A cursory review of @NWS’s feed from the last 24 hours doesn’t indicate anything composed in a subtweety fashion (we know how easily his Twitter peers can trigger him), and NWS doesn’t post so often that one would find it annoying. Is is possible that the weather service blocked him? That sounds unlikely. He’s a very likable guy after all. So what could it be that made the president say feh to a scientifically data-driven federal agency?

Oh… wait.

Girl power — yuck! That’s gotta be it. Let this week’s clubhouse pic (below) serve as a reminder that this administration is for boys. Plus that lady who doesn’t care about trans rights. Oh and Mitch McConnell’s wife, who is not pictured because… you know why.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 7.25.11 AM

If any other theories as to why the president unfollowed @NWS, please send to our tips box.