McDonald’s Twitter to Trump: ‘You are a disgusting excuse of a president’

In a now-deleted tweet from its corporate account, McDonald’s replied to Donald Trump’s Twitter account and called him “a disgusting excuse of a president.” The tweet, which was briefly featured as the account’s pinned tweet, also said “we would love to have @BarackObama back, also you have tiny hands.” The reply was both tweeted and deleted Thursday morning.

Although the tweet itself is gone, screenshots still exist.

McDonald's tweet a Trump

The account typically posts apolitical promotional content like this:

Although former Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs now serves as the fast food giant’s global chief communications officer, this smacks more of the work of an intern who forgot to log out of the corporate account. Anyway, Ronald and Grimace are looking into it.

Given how McDonald’s treats its workers, it’s not like the burger chain is in a position to point fingers, but it would be amazing if McDonald’s legitimately turned on one of its biggest fans, a 70-year-old who probably hasn’t eaten a vegetable since Jimmy Carter was in office.

[Photo: @realdonaldtrump]