Watch a kidnapping victim escape her captor’s trunk

In Birmingham, Alabama, a kidnapping victim managed to escape from the trunk of her captor’s car at a gas station Tuesday after he allegedly forced her into the vehicle at gunpoint. The victim told police that she didn’t know her assailant, who approached her outside of her apartment demanding money and then forced her into the Nissan Altima after she told him she didn’t have any cash on her.

The kidnapper then drove around the greater Birmingham area trying to withdrawal cash with the 25-year-old captive’s ATM card.

The woman’s escape occurred at around 11:30 p.m., when the kidnapper pulled into a gas station owned by Yosef AlSabah. The owner knew something was up when the suspect had difficulty withdrawing money from the bank machine inside the station’s convenience store and asked the owner for help. “I saw the trunk popped up,” AlSabah told NBC News, “a woman ran inside.”

As the CCTV video reveals, the woman ran out of the trunk while the kidnapper drives off. After she ran into the store, she called the cops and AlSabah locked up the shop after the victim said her captor was armed. As of Thursday morning, he is still at large. Although the situation was undoubtedly horrifying, the women escaped with minor injuries.

Most newer cars are equipped with a glow-in-the-dark escape latch one ever get shoved into a car trunk against their will. For anyone who finds themselves trapped in an older car, here are some escape tips you will hopefully never have to use.

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