Sean Hannity claims travel ban judge ‘did weed’ and ‘blow’ with Obama

Since a federal judge blocked President Trump’s second attempt at a Muslim ban, Republicans have been falling all over themselves to prove their opponents somehow cheated. To that end, conservative commentator Sean Hannity accused the judge who made the decision of snorting marijuanas with none other than Barack Hussein Obama.

On Thursday night’s episode of his eponymous radio show, the gun totin’ ass clown accused U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson, who went to Harvard Law School at the same time as Obama, of sharing the type of bond with the former president that can only be forged over many nights spent riding the schneef snake.

Via HuffPost:

“This judge who issued the travel ban ruling is an Obama law school classmate,” Hannity said on his radio show Thursday. “Maybe he should have recused himself from the case. Just a maybe? Were they best friends in Hawaii? Were they part of the Choom Gang, smoking pot and hanging out and doing a little bit of weed and maybe even a little blow?”

“The Choom Gang,” of course, refers to what Obama’s hard partying group of high school friends Hawaii called themselves back in the day. (Your dad was cool once, you know.)

While there’s no evidence Watson even knew Obama when the two were at Harvard, that hasn’t stopped people from running with the conspiracy theory — since retraced by its primary source — that Obama’s recent trip to Hawaii was an effort to influence Watson’s decision. In other news, Trump Supreme Court appointee Neil Gorsuch also went to Harvard with Obama, but he wasn’t cool enough to do drugs, so there’s not much to work with there.

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