Irish leader gives speech praising immigrants right in Trump’s face

Given President Trump’s aggressive stance against immigration and the public’s aversion to his twice-failed Muslim travel ban, it’s especially subversive that Irish leader Enda Kenny used his remarks at Thursday’s the Friends of Ireland luncheon to praise the contributions immigrants have made to American society.

“There are millions out there who want to play their part for America — if you like, who want to make America great,” Kenny said while making eye contact with Trump. “You heard that before?”

These remarks are a bit restrained considering that Kenny called Trump’s campaign rhetoric “racist and dangerous” prior to the election.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Kenny went on to call the saint “the symbol of… the patron of immigrants.”

Kenny also touched on the roughly 50,000 undocumented Irish immigrants who are living in fear of being deported under the Trump regime. “We would like this to be sorted,” Kenny said, suggesting that they be given the option of becoming naturalized citizens. “It would remove a burden of so many that they could now stand in the light and say, ‘Now I’m free to contribute to America as I know I can.’ That’s what people want… All they want is the opportunity to be free.”

Despite the pointed remarks, Kenny told reporters that “Ireland will always be a friend of America.”

During the press pool photo spray, Trump remarked “I love Ireland.”

“I’ll be there,” the president either promised or threatened.

[Photo: WhiteHouse.Gov]