Artist who created anti-Trump billboard receiving death threats

An anti-Trump billboard went up in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday which depicts a red-tinted Donald Trump with mushroom clouds behind him and dollar signs designed to look like swastikas. Some people are upset about it.

The reverse side of the billboard features several hands spelling out “unity” in sign language with the word emblazoned above them.

The billboard was commissioned by La Melgosa, an art gallery in Phoenix, and artist Karen Fiorito told The Arizona Republic she figured her design wouldn’t please everybody who saw it.

“Billboards are perfect, because you don’t have to go to a gallery to see it,” she said. “You’re creating a dialogue with the public. You’re reaching people you’d never reach with your artwork.”

Exposure is always great, but if you cast a wide enough net, you’re going to catch a bunch of assholes, and now Fiorito and her husband say they’ve received death threats because of the billboard.

“I’ve been called a communist, a Satan worshiper,” Fiorito said. “I’ve been told I’m a ‘very, very sick person.’ I’m not sure what that means. I haven’t been answering the phone. My husband has because he’s not afraid to talk to anyone, but he told me he received a couple death threats this morning…He said, ‘They were coming to get us with their boys.'”

Fiorito says even the businesses near her billboard are receiving threats now, which is ridiculous because they have absolutely no control over what goes up there in the first place. It’s not like they can just relocate their store every time something people may disapprove of ends up being advertised.

“At first I was really excited about doing it, but then you always have this fear, this ‘Oh my God, what’s going to happen if I do this?'” Fiorito said, noting that she has received rape and death threats for her artwork in the past.

[AZ Republic | Photo: Karen Fiorito]