Donald Trump Jr triggered by critical tweet on his inability to use a chair

On Saturday, The New York Times published a profile of Donald Trump, Jr., with a lede that attested the eldest Trump spawn has “not always seemed at ease with being a Trump,” or, based on the image that ran with the story, with being a normal human being.

Though as readers can deduce from the accompanying copy, Trump Jr.’s, awkward as hell pose on that tree stump was actually meant to relay a sense of poise and collectedness, not to suggest that this was his first attempt at sitting down in his entire life. Seriously, he’s apparently “the most chill version of any of the kids.” Could’ve fooled me.

Eagle-eyed Death and Taxes staffer Jordan Freiman noticed that this wasn’t, however, Trump Jr’s lone ill-fated effort at normal human sitting. He’s actually tried it many times before, but somehow, even with all that practice, he hasn’t mastered the art yet; Trump Jr’s sitting exhibitions are about as convincing as the idea those hiking boots he’s wearing in the photo didn’t come out of the box about 60 seconds before the photographer started taking pictures.

Freiman’s cogent analysis eventually made its way to Lil Donny, who highlighted it on his Instagram as a way of letting all the haters know #slickedhairdontcare.

When reached for comment via DM by Death and Taxes, Freiman responded:

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 9.32.38 AM

Great work, Jordan. Pizza’s on Brian.

[photo: Getty]