Comey confirms FBI is investigating possible links between Trump campaign and Russia

For the first time, James Comey has confirmed that the FBI is investigating possible links and communications between members of the Trump campaign and Russia. On Monday morning the FBI director appeared along with Admiral Michael S. Rogers, director of the National Security Agency, before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Monday, and confirmed the investigation during his opening remarks.

Comey asserted that, while he and the bureau had given private testimony to select members of Congress regarding the investigation, there would be much that he was not able to discuss during Monday’s hearing, saying the FBI was “very careful in how we handled information about our cases and the people we are investigating,” and that the public should not try to draw conclusions from the fact that he might not be able to comment.

Knowing that many would draw comparisons between his letter to Congress about investigations into Hillary Clinton’s emails during the election in 2016, which many believe may have contributed to her losing the election, Comey said, without referring to the incident specifically, that “those involved the details of completed investigations.”

[screen shot: CSPAN]