‘NO TRUMP,’ ‘FART CAN’ among 2017’s rejected Texas license plates

ABC13 in Houston, Texas, hit up the local DMV to see what personalized license plate applications had been rejected so far this year, because seeing what tasteless crap Americans want to adorn their automobiles with always makes for quality content. As you can see by this year’s rejected plates, 2017 is no different.

As one may expect with the current political climate and all, there were a few vanity plates referencing the election and our new president, including “NO TRUMP,” “NSTY WM,” and “D3Z NUT5.” Others were presumably rejected because they could have potentially provided false information about the driver of the vehicle that could cause issues in an emergency situation, like “ARMY DOC,” “*TSA*,” and “POLICE1.”

“REDSKINS” got rejected because apparently the Texas DMV realizes it’s racist as hell even if the NFL refuses to acknowledge it. There’s also “BLUPILL,” which is either a reference to Men’s Rights Activists or Viagra — either way, a super cool thing to put on your car. But by far my favorite rejections though were the straight up weird and goofy ones, like “TOOTER,” “MOMBOMB,” and “FART CAN.”

See a mocked up slideshow of more of the rejected plates over at ABC 13.

[screen shot: ABC 13]

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