Trump hasn’t set foot in NYC since his inauguration

President Trump has not visited his hometown of New York City since he took office, a new report from the Associated Press has noted.

It’s unclear why the president, whose personal brand has been linked to the city for decades, hasn’t been to New York for more than two months. After all, his wife Melania and his 10-year-old son Barron live in Manhattan.

It could be that Trump has no desire to see his wife (we can probably all agree the converse is true). But it’s also possible Trump knows that he would not be given a warm welcome if he were to return to New York, to put it lightly. A minuscule 18% of New Yorkers who voted in the 2016 election chose Trump, and the city has hosted countless high profile protests of Trump’s policies. Mayor Bill de Blasio isn’t exactly a Trump fan either.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that the mayor believes the president is significantly out of step with the values of New York City,” a de Blasio spokesman told the AP. “That said, the mayor’s attitude also is that he wants the president to feel and see the potential impacts on his hometown of some of these budget cuts he’s talked about.”

It doesn’t help that when Trump has visited New York since the election, it’s been insanely costly. When he was living at Trump Tower between the election and inauguration, the city spent $24 million protecting Trump Tower.

Perhaps you’re thinking right about now that POTUS simply hasn’t had the time to fly home for a weekend. He’s too busy running the country to make a quick jaunt to the Big Apple! Nope: don’t forget that since his inauguration the president has taken several relaxing trips to Mar-a-Lago, the resort he owns in Palm Beach, Florida.

The AP reports that Trump is expected to venture to NYC within the next few weeks. Perhaps, then, by avoiding the city, the president was merely doing what I’ve been doing by never leaving the apartment in the past three months: Avoiding the soul-crushing misery that is New York winter.

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