Meet Josh Hall, President Trump’s thirstiest wannabe White House intern

The summer White House intern season is right around the corner, and Politico did us the honor of profiling some of the young hopefuls puking with excitement at the chance to fetch coffee and make copies for the Trump administration. Sure, there’s no pay involved, but one aspiring press secretary is hoping “to learn from someone like Sean Spicer.” I hope this kid has strong lungs, cause she’s gonna be yelling a lot.

The standout intern hopeful Politico spent the most time on is one Josh Hall, an 18-year-old Milo Yiannopoulos acolyte who fancies himself something of a social media star.

“I started my Twitter as a political account six months ago — I have like 12,000 subscribers,” said the incoming Harrisburg Area Community College freshman. “I’d maybe be able to shed a lot of light on the bias that happens within the media. I try and do that a lot of the time with my Twitter.”

Hall even has an email in his Twitter bio for “business inquiries.”

The Politico story highlights Hall’s more innocuous tweets that the kid writes in the voice of Trump in the hopes of getting noticed by the White House.

One of Hall’s recent tweets: “The fact of the matter is #Manafort’s Russian ties from YEARS AGO had no influence on the campaign or the election. This is FAKE NEWS!”

A fan of alt-right media darling Milo Yiannopoulos, Hall said he likes Trump because “he sounds like your average American.”

“He can be offensive at times,” Hall said. “There are things he says that I think go too far. But your average Americans do say kind of offensive things.”

Those aren’t the only tweets written in Trump’s voice, though. Hall also fired off missives calling climate change a hoax and echoing the debunked birther conspiracy that Trump shamelessly pushed.

This tweet about Rep. Maxine Waters is…not great.

Hall is also a big fan of far-right fascist French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen, but that much should have been obvious given his love for Yiannopoulos.

Granted, any of these tweets wouldn’t look out of place on either former national security adviser Mike Flynn or the president’s Twitter feed. We have a feeling this kid would get along famously with chief strategist Steve Bannon and national security adviser/Nazi foreign policy adviser Sebastian Gorka. So, yeah, Hall will fit right in.

Aside from ascending to the highest office in the land, the Trump campaign and the extremist Breitbart culture that helped it along the way has radicalized thousands of real-life young Pepes such as Hall. That might be one of Trump’s most tragic legacies.

That being said, Hall is still young and there’s a whole world he has yet to see. There’s still time to turn this all around.

[screen shot: Twitter]