Trump wins golf course piss tape lawsuit against Scottish granny

It was only Tuesday we told you about the lawsuit filed against the Trump International Golf Course in Scotland by 62-year-old Carol Rohan Beyts, who said her privacy was violated when staff filmed her urinating in beach sand dunes along course grounds in 2016. The employees had breached data protection laws, she claimed, and were not authorized to film her, peeing or otherwise, on their mobile phones, as they were not registered under the country’s data Privacy Act.

On Wednesday, a judge ruled against her favor, and the president prevailed in yet another effort to take him down by way of piss tape. Beyts had sought £3,000 ($2,800) in damages, saying that the film and photographs, which were eventually used as evidence to arrest her for public urination, had left her “shocked and upset.” But a judge ruled that while staff should not have filmed her, the distress she experienced was not related to the golf course’s failure to register under the data Privacy Act.

“It was never about the compensation. I wasn’t interested in money,” Beyts said after the ruling. “I was only interested in clearing my name when the Trump Organization representative spoke of me committing a deliberate and shameful act within a few feet of the clubhouse in full view of staff and guests. That was not the case.”

Beyts had long campaigned against the golf course, and staff said her behavior was in line with someone acting as a professional agitator. “Rohan Beyts is a shameless activist with a history of antagonistic behavior,” the golf course said in a statement, adding that the suit was “nothing more than a poor attempt at self-publicity in an effort to garner support for her anti-Trump, anti-business propaganda.

“Members of our green-keeping staff were flabbergasted at what they witnessed and reported the incident to the police,” the statement read. “It should have come as no surprise to her that she was charged for publicly urinating on golf course land.”

[photo: AP]