Rapper T.I. Goes Back To Jail For 11 Months

A federal judge ordered rapper T.I. back to jail for 11 months for violating probation, proving that hot-boxing in the state of California is in fact a serious crime.

Rapper T.I. Goes Back To Jail For 11 Months

The ruling stems from T.I.’s September 1st arrest when cops arrested the rapper and his wife after suspecting the two of smoking weed. After searching the car, officers found ecstasy and amphetamines in the vehicle.

The day after the arrest, T.I. was ordered to take a drug test, in which he tested positive for marijuana and codeine, the key ingredient in lean.

The arrest and the positive drug tests were violations of T.I.’s parole from his previous arrest on gun charges, for which he spent 10 months behind bars.

T.I. begged the judge to have mercy, pleading that he has a drug problem and needs help, and saying that he “screwed up.”

The sentence comes only two days after T.I. talked a man down from jumping off a 22-story building.

Apparently in California, if you’re a white actress or hotel heiress/porn-star who has nothing to offer you get off easier than a black rapper who saves lives.