Jared Kushner hires ‘The Purge’ publicist for Office of American Innovation

In January, spoiled grapefruit Donald Trump introduced his 2020 campaign slogan, “‘Keep America Great,’ exclamation point,” a plagiarized catchphrase cribbed from Blumhouse Productions’ 2016 dystopian horror film, “The Purge: Election Year.” Now that movie’s publicist works for the White House.

Josh Raffel, formerly Blumhouse’s PR chief, will work for moderately well-dressed mummy Jared Kushner’s made-up clubhouse designed to streamline government for U.S. “customers,” the Office of American Innovation, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Raffel will apply his expertise in marketing dystopian horror films to the dystopian reality that is ex-CEOs fundamentally reshaping the structure and functions of our executive branch.

Blumhouse is responsible for many films whose titles aptly describe the hellish landscape in which we find ourselves, including “Insidious,” “Sinister,” “The Darkness,” “Origin of Evil,” and “Get Out.” However the latest Purge installment may most effectively reflect the national mood, in that many people wish they could murder political leadership.

As we fall deeper into this pit of despair threatened by nuclear gamesmanship, Cold War flexing and global fascism, we can only hope Trump doesn’t get renewed for a sequel.

[photo: Getty]