Sebastian Gorka accidentally included a Jezebel writer in a White House email

Time and again, the Trump administration and its Republican allies in Congress have proven to be their own greatest enemies. The travel ban was correctly interpreted by a judge to be an unconstitutional Muslim ban because of all the times Trump called it that on the campaign trail. Devin Nunes is under investigation for leaking real intel after making a big deal out of fake leaked intel. Now, Sebastian Gorka has been betrayed by his own inability to use the “reply-all” function on his Outlook email.

Jezebel reporter Anna Merlan has been working for months trying to track down the details of the Trump foreign policy adviser’s purported service in the British Territorial Army in the early 1990s. As evidenced by her excellent piece published Thursday, she hasn’t had much luck. While Merlan’s work digging into the item appears to have been exhaustive, she hasn’t been able to explain the many discrepancies present in the timeline of Gorka’s years in the reserves, or how he exactly spent them.

The intimation is that there may be something awry in Gorka’s assertions about his service to his country, but the most delicious detail in the story is one that directly involved Merlan. She recalled her experience reaching out to the White House for comment on another story, this one related to Gorka’s arrest for bringing a ammo through airport security. She got a reply back from Gorka himself, but not intentionally. Rather, he had mistakenly included Merlan in an email to White House press secretary Sean Spicer, instructing him to ignore her (emphasis mine):

He’s clearly sensitive… about any indication that he’s not honest about his résumé. But Gorka’s refusal to provide comment on basic matters of public interest like what he was doing in the army only raises doubts. I had the same experience previously, when I asked about his describing himself as an expert witness in the Boston bombing case, despite not having testified, and when I contacted the White House to ask about his being detained for carrying ammunition through an airport in 2004. The first time, neither Gorka nor the White House ever responded to my inquiries; the second, Gorka accidentally included me in a reply-all email, instructing White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer not to comment.

Here’s a copy of that email from the earlier story, via Jezebel:


Gorka is certainly not the first member of the administration to experience difficulties with conducting digital communications. Spicer has had his own fair share of foibles. And just the other day Gorka was busted for making extensive edits to his own Wikipedia page under the not-so-inconspicuous username “SkGorka.”

Between this guy and Steve Bannon, the neo-Nazis in the Trump administration sure are making a good case that they’re a little less Adolf Hitler and a little more Colonel Klink.

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