Sean Spicer demands the press turn off their cameras, but CNN keeps rolling

On Friday afternoon, our boy Sean Spicer held his daily press briefing from Mar-a-Lago and, for whatever reason, he was adamant about it taking place off-camera.

Here’s video of Spicey addressing the press corps in his typical exasperated “Kindergarten Cop” demeanor.

“I don’t. K. Do you want? That’s, do you understand that?” an irritated Spicer is seen saying to someone off camera. No, dude. No one understands you, because, for a White House spokesperson, you’re extraordinarily bad at talking.

A voice off camera asks Spicey what he’s like to do with the press pool camera. “Off. Off,” instructed Spicer. “It’s off. Off. Everything’s off.”

CNN merely moved its camera to the side, which seems to satisfy Spicer as he introduces Trump national security official Michael Anton.

While Spicer continues speaking, the camera lingers on what looks like a Costco-sized jar of off brand cheese puffs. Only the best snacks for Mar-a-Lago.

CNN cheese puffs Spicer

It figures that the camera fixated on something toxic and orange.

[screen shot: CNN]

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