Kushner and Bannon go to couples counseling

Steve Bannon, the nationalist adviser to President Trump has been having a tough time with Jared Kushner, the complicit son-in-law of President Trump. Over the past week Kushner has seen his responsibilities balloon while Bannon has been pushed to the side amidst reports that Trump is considering getting rid of the “Hollywood wannabe” altogether. In an attempt to calm things down, the two had a sit down to try to hash out their problems, and the meeting was officiated by Donald Trump himself.

The meeting took place at Mar-a-Lago (of course it did) sometime this week, Politico reports. If headlines over the last few weeks are to be believed, the two are having trouble getting along these days, which isn’t all that surprising for a number of reasons, including Bannon’s alleged anti-Semitic leanings. Kushner’s political philosophy is also supposedly more moderate than Bannon’s although no real evidence of that has come through in any policy decisions from Trump. The diminishing status also can’t feel good for Bannon, who at one point was supposedly masterminding every single move the White House was making and now can’t even get a seat at the big boy table for a missile launch.

Kushner, on the other hand, had a front row seat for the action and didn’t even have to wear a flak jacket.

At this point, nobody knows if the meeting actually did anything. Based on zero insider information at all, I’m inclined to believe it did not help smooth things over. Trump was present for it, after all. Despite the constant boasts of his tremendous deal-making capabilities, Trump couldn’t even bring his own political party on board for Obamacare repeal.

I highly doubt he was able to somehow broker a peace treaty between two people who have no business liking each other in the first place.

[Politico | Photo: Getty]