Alabama governor and world’s worst extramarital sexter plans to resign

Robert Bentley, a Bible-thumping homophobe and two-term Alabama governor, plans to resign Monday night amid impeachment hearings over his use of campaign funds to cover up an extramarital affair, the Associated Press reports.

Rumors of Bentley’s affair first emerged in 2015 when his wife of 50 years filed for divorce. As it turned out, the 74-year-old governor was cheating for months with a senior adviser, whom he attempted to sext multiple times only to accidentally message his wife instead. A self-branded family values conservative, Bentley repeatedly denied any wrongdoing to his wife and children, who shockingly didn’t believe him.

Bentley, a one-time Baptist deacon who apparently missed the verse about how thou shalt not commit adultery, came under fire from the Alabama legislature in 2016 after former head of state law enforcement Spencer Collier claimed Bentley fired him for political reasons. Collier also made public his knowledge of Bentley’s promiscuity, including audio proof he claimed existed of an “inappropriate sexual conversation,” which Gawker later published and contains romantic gems like, “Baby, lemme tell you what we’re gonna have to do tonight: Start locking the door.”

A report prepared for the Alabama House Judiciary Committee last week claimed that Bentley cultivated an “atmosphere of intimidation” in order to cover up his affair, while the Alabama Ethics Commission presented evidence that Bentley broke ethics and campaign finance laws in the process.

Impeachment hearings began Monday morning after Bentley refused party leaders’ calls for his resignation. The old creep, whom the AP felt it necessary to describe in its lede as “mild mannered” and “at peace with the decision,” is expected to announce that he will finally resign at a Cabinet meeting Monday evening. This could be difficult, however, given that Bentley was booked earlier on Monday at the Montgomery County Jail on two misdemeanor counts related to his campaign finance violations.

UPDATE, 6:47 pm: Bentley officially stepped down, the Washington Post reports. He also pleaded guilty to the two misdemeanor charges.

[photo: Getty]