Georgia cop appears to facestomp handcuffed man in cell phone video

Mere days after millions expressed outrage over a United Airlines security officer’s treatment of passenger David Dao, an unsettling new video has emerged that appears to capture another law enforcement professional using unmerited excessive violence.

A Georgia motorist captured the below footage of a Gwinnett County Police Department cop appearing to pull a suspect out of his car and kick him in the back before handcuffing him, at which point, a fellow officer rushes up to the scene and seems to maliciously stomp him across the face.

Though it’s difficult to discern in the raw footage, Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta — who have posted to Facebook calling for criminal charges to be leveled against said second officer — asserts that “blood spattered everywhere” from the victim’s face.

Shockingly (or not), the department has yet to officially comment, though visitors to their informational page on Facebook have been very vocal in demanding answers, with one user calling the act “unpatriotic, pathetic, and unbelievably unprofessional.” Another commenter was less diplomatic, insisting, “You need to identify that officer, fire his racist ass, and apologize to the community you serve and the man you stomped.”

We will update this story as more information is made available.

[screen shot: Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta]