Here are 20 Republican lawmakers who have called for Trump to release his tax returns

Happy tax day! As our name states, the only things certain in life are death and taxes, but you can also add one more thing to that list: that Donald Trump will never, ever release his tax returns. This is definitely not suspicious at all and for sure alleviates the fear that he is using the presidency as a kleptocracy to enrich himself and his soon-to-be-announced Trump Moscow Towers and Luxurious Gulag resort (with complimentary Trump Beet Vodka in every room!).

Democrats in the House tried to force Trump to release his taxes, but the measure was blocked by Republicans, even the ones who have called on Trump to release them, because the only thing Republicans hate more than possibly being swindled by a con man is actually agreeing with Democrats on anything.

But there are some Republicans who do think he should release his return — even if they don’t plan on doing anything about it, or seem particularly disturbed that Trump hasn’t listened to them yet. Here is the list of 20 GOP lawmakers who have called on the president to release his returns:

House Representatives:

—Matt Gaetz (FL): “Absolutely, Donald Trump should release his tax returns.” (CNN)

—Mark Sanford (SC): “For one, it’s not really about his tax records per se. It’s about the American public’s ability to see other candidates’ returns. We have a long precedent in which every major-party presidential candidate since I was a child has released his returns. Break it now, and it stays broken.” (NYT)

—Walter Jones (NC): “Jones said in an interview that Americans ‘need to know’ about their president’s taxes.” (Roll Call)

—Tom MacArthur (NJ): “While ‘I think he should release his taxes,’ that ‘doesn’t mean I think it’s Congress’ role’ to step in.” (

—Carlos Curbelo (FL): “The Congressman has continually called for Trump to release his tax returns since May of 2016,” according to a statement from his office. “While the Congressman still believes the President must be transparent with the public, Congress has no power to arbitrarily publish the tax returns of any American.” (Orlando Weekly)

—Leonard Lance (NJ):  “I urge him to do so. … I don’t like overreach from Congress.” He went on to say he did not support the House Ways and Means Committee investigating “returns of a private individual.” (WaPo)

—Will Hurd (TX): “I think it would be a good move.” (The Hill)

—John Katko (NY): “When a protester asked Katko if he would ‘vote with the Democrats’ and ask Trump to show his taxes, he said yes.’I will sign onto that.’ ” (

—Steve Knight (CA): “He earned his loudest cheers when he said that Trump should release his tax returns, something Democrats demanded during the election.” (LA Times)

—Jason Chaffetz (UT): “If you’re going to run and try to become the president of the United States, you’re going to have to open up your kimono and show everything, your tax returns, your medical records.” (Politico)

—Rodney Frelinghuysen (NJ):  “I feel very comfortable saying to you that the president should release his taxes as every president has done before, but on the floor of the House I support the ruling of the chair regardless of what the issue is because often the ruling of the chair is a political device and quite honestly I need to support the majority.” (

—Justin Amash (MI): “The most important thing is to find out if (Trump) has conflicts of interest. There may be other ways to verify that but if not, I would support (asking him to release his tax returns).” (

—David Young (IA): “You run for president, you’re president, you should release your tax returns. It’s a distraction and I think the American people should know.” (The Hill)

—Ted Yoho (FL): “I would support legislation for him to release that. … With his business dealings he has around the world, it might be more transparent so that we see which businesses he has. … I think it would be a good measure on his part to release them.” (CNN)


—John McCain (AZ): “Tax returns have always been a tradition that should be observed.” (NYT)

—Mitch McConnell (KY): “For the last 30 or 40 years, every candidate for president has released their tax returns, and I think Donald Trump should as well.” (Business Insider)

—Susan Collins (ME): “Collins was asked if the committee would subpoena Trump, who’s also a Republican. She said she hopes for ‘voluntary cooperation’ but is open to using a subpoena if necessary.” (

—Paul Ryan (WI): “”I released mine. I think he should release his.” (LA Times)

—Joni Ernst (IA): “I think he should.” (Politico)

—Lindsey Graham (SC): ““I think that prospectively what I’ll do is, any candidate running in 2020 needs to release their tax returns,” Graham told reporters. Asked how he would enforce this, he responded: “You just make it a law.” He then explained that the law would apply to Trump, “if he’s a candidate for president” in 2020. (Politico)

We’ll update as more statements pile up. He’s definitely going to listen to them.

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