Videos of a drunk Alex Jones stripping shown in custody trial

Oh, to be a fly on the wall of the Alex Jones custody trial. According to Daily Beast reporter Ben Hartman, Jones’ ex-wife Kelly’s attorney Bobby Newman has introduced the self-proclaimed performance artist’s unhinged rant videos into court which entail Jones getting drunk and shedding clothing. Alex Jones’ attorney tried to pass this off as satire played up for the camera, however his ex-wife claimed that his raging striptease shenanigans are not limited to his time in front of the InfoWars webcam. He also shed clothes during a family counseling session.

“This is what he does,” Kelly Jones’ attorney said in regard to Alex Jones disrobing in the family therapy appointment.

The judge was also shown a series of clips where Jones managed to keep his shirt on.

From The Daily Beast:

Judge Orlinda Naranjo debated which videos were admissible, disallowing one in which an apparently drunk Alex Jones said “1776 will commence again,” arguing that the statement had political overtones.

She said it was unclear what he meant by “the age of man will commence,” and no one on either legal team could help. The judge allowed it anyway.

Other clips included one in which Alex said “I can drink a whole jug of Jack Daniels and not even show it,” a clip which attorney Wilhite said was “taken out of context”.

Sounds like a hell of a clip show.

What didn’t make the cut is a video of a party Alex Jones attended with his 14-year-old son where the InfoWars ranter threw darts at a dartboard emblazoned with Hillary Clinton’s face on the grounds that it might unduly influence any Clinton voters on the jury.

Alex Jones has yet to take the stand. Here’s hoping he can keep his shirt on. Actually, for his ex-wife’s sake, I hope he goes on a red, nude rant.

[photo: InfoWars]