Trump signs totally vague ‘Buy American, Hire American’ executive order

The Trump administration’s latest executive order may be its most uninspired yet. Dubbed “Buy American, Hire American,” the order aims to “aggressively promote and use American-made goods and to ensure that American labor is hired to do the job,” the president said at Wisconsin’s Snap-On Tools, headquartered in Kenosha.

On both portions, few details are given and no concrete actions are put forth. Instead, the executive order acts as a way for Trump to yell at officials to do their damn jobs when it comes to such tasks as cracking down on H1-B visa fraud. Absolutely nothing is changing when it comes to the actual visa acquisition process, except maybe auditors will pay a little more attention.

“Buy American” merely means Trump has called for a comprehensive performance review of waivers that have allegedly hampered the enforcement of laws requiring that the federal government use American-made products whenever possible, among other rah-rah America rhetoric. This doesn’t mean consumer products will instantly skyrocket in price because there’s an American flag sticker on them, but it could certainly make things interesting if that whole border wall thing ever comes to fruition.

Oddly, as Snap-On Tools CEO Nicholas Pinchuk was praising Trump’s executive order, he was also calling for something the document failed to note altogether: worker training.

“We are today in a global competition for jobs. And, the best way to make America successful in this environment is to arm our people with the technical capabilities that enable them to win that global contest for prosperity,” Pinchuk said in a statement.

For added oomph, Trump also bashed NAFTA, claimed the release of a tax plan (no, not his returns) was imminent, and harped on that whole healthcare thing again. Good luck with all of that, buddy.

[CNN | Photo: ABC News/Screengrab]