North Korea military concert shows fantasy video of nuking San Francisco

Vice President Mike Pence has really been relishing his role as mouthpiece for the war of words with North Korea. So much so that, amid his excitement, he forgot to Google “sword, shield” before deploying them as metaphors for U.S. readiness.

As one writer based in the Middle East quickly observed, that pair of weaponry happens to have doubled as a joint icon for the KGB.

Although if we’re being honest, tweets and verbal taunts are fairly ineffectual rebuttals to North Korea’s far less passive-aggressive warnings. After state-run Choson TV network posted last weekend’s 105th anniversary military-parade concert online, Gizmodo spotted some CGI during the penultimate number’s climax that rather pointedly illustrated Kim Jong-un’s longing to incinerate millions of Americans with an intercontinental nuclear missile — flag burning effigy and all. Witness for yourself at roughly the hour and 14-minute mark (or cheat and skip to this clip, though we recommend skimming across the entire spectacular).

Gizmodo deduced that the digital bomb specifically lands on San Francisco’s head. And while we have yet to authenticate that ourselves, we can confirm that North Korea really, really wants any excuse to thumb its nose at international diplomacy and literally destroy our way of life. President Trump and VP Pence: Please quiet while you’re ahead.

[Gizmodo | screen shot: Choson TV]